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What is the average salary for housekeeper jobs?

Average Salary Per Year

The average salary for housekeeper jobs across all sectors is £18,801. Salaries typically range between £15,116 and £20,058 paying as high as £29,993 and as low as £14,714.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs does a housekeeper frequently go on to do next?

According to our data, a housekeeper will go on to be a housekeeper somewhere else (10% of the time), waiter (7%), bar person (4%) and assistant cook (3%).

Which skills are commonly required for housekeeper jobs?

The following skills are commonly required for housekeeper jobs: housekeeping, laundry, hotels, cleaning, health and safety aware, organising rotas, cleaning chemicals, training new starters, hospitality services and contract cleaning.

What is the current demand for housekeeper jobs?

housekeeper jobs are in high demand. Zatillo currently has 2,060 housekeeper vacancies across all sectors.

What are related or similar roles to housekeeper?

Related or similar roles to housekeeper include: assistant head housekeeper, deputy head housekeeper, executive housekeeper, floor housekeeper, head housekeeper, housekeeper assistant, room attendant

Which housekeeper skills are seeing the highest demand?

In particular, housekeeping, laundry, hotels, cleaning skills are associated with higher paying jobs.

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